Building Capacity Activities

The project's Capacity Building Activities are the following:
1. Based on the results of the literature review & needs assessment surveys, a training module and 3 Manuals for Professionals will be developed to be used in order to build capacity of professionals working in women’s prison settings (social workers, health visitors, psychologists, physicians, etc.) on the issues of CAN, good parenting, healthy ways of bringing up children etc., with great emphasis given on the impact the mother’s imprisonment has on the child-parent relationship. A series of Manuals for Professionals will be published (in electronic & printed format):
  • Raising a Child through Prison Bars: A Manual for Professionals
  • Step-by-Step Guide for Facilitating a Mothers’ Support Group in Prison
  • Step-by-Step Guide for Facilitating a Children’s Support Group
This material will be used in the implementation of all of the trainings, Imprisoned Mothers' Support Groups and Children of Imprisoned Parents Support Groups; the materials' finalization will be made according to the results of the evaluations that will be conducted (i.e. focus groups, questionnaires, structured interviews)

2. Train the project’s National Task Forces in order to be able to implement all of the activities in Bulgaria, Greece & Romania
  • Organization & implementation of a 2-day train-the-trainers training for the whole partnership as well as for Key Persons from each country in order to facilitate implementation of all of the project’s activities
  • Evaluation of the training and the material (via structured questionnaires).

3. Train professionals employed in women’s prisons
  • Organize & conduct a 2-days training for the scientific personnel of women’s prisons so that they will be able to facilitate the IM-SG, either within the context of the project or in the future
  • Evaluate the training via structured questionnaires & focus groups
  • Code & analyse evaluation data
  • Edit implementation & evaluation reports
  • Conduct a brief sensitization course (2-4 hours) for the entire operational personnel of the prison.