Target Groups and Beneficiaries

The Project's target groups are:

  • Women Prisoners
    • imprisoned mothers
    • imprisoned pregnant women
  • Children of Imprisoned Parents (CHIP)
    • living inside the prisons (infants)
    • living outside the prisons (up to 18 years old)
  • Women's Prisons'
    • scientific personnel (social workers, psychologists, health visitors, physicians, etc.)
    • operational staff

Direct beneficiaries of the project are the target groups of imprisoned mothers (IM) & pregnant inmates as well as the Children of Imprisoned Parents that will participate in the Support Groups and the children living in prison.

Indirect beneficiaries of the project are: a) children of all ages that will benefit by their mother’s improved parenting skills, as well as their families; b) the population of imprisoned women in the 3 partner countries, which is calculated to be 5.500 women per year (Bulgaria: 260, Greece: 579, Romania: 4605, for 2006) as well as throughout Europe, where it is estimated that about 100.000 women & girls are in prison1; c) Children of Imprisoned Parents in the 3 countries as well as in the entire European region who will participate in Support Groups in the future.

1. UNODC- United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. (2008). Handbook for Prison Managers and Policymakers on Women and Imprisonment. New York: United Nations.